“WATCHA GONNA” is a made-to-order children’s kimono brand.

The kimono made by only two people, designer Remi and mother Kurumi, is finished in a one-by-one hand-handed manner, with a commitment to the materials.

In addition, there is not the same thing as two in order to design from scratch according to the image of the child.

Designer Remi Oki

One of the few designers who creates custom kimonos for children.

WATCHA GONNA’s kimonos are all handmade using various materials.  The design inspiration comes from the child who ordered.  So no one is the same. Even if you have never been wearing a kimono, you can easily put on a child.  I try to make it easy to wear.

Remi Ohki wants many people to wear it like a Japanese kimono dress. I sincerely hope that the day will come when the kimono will be established as one of the fashion genres.