“WATCHA GONNA” is a made-to-order kimono brand.

The kimono made by only two people, designer Remi and her mother Kurumi, is finished in a one-by-one hand-handed manner, with a commitment to the materials.

In addition, there is not the same thing as two in order to design from scratch according to the image of the customer.

The 1st collection “JAPAN 57 Style” is based on the four seasons of Japan.

Using washable material, it finished in the design with a sense of season.

In this VKFWss2020,we will release 2nd collection “Kids JAPONISM neo”

Using different materials with a sense of luxury, it was designed as a piece of costume to decorate the growth of children colorfully. Anniversary, party, presentation etc. 

It will give a presence in various scenes.


Vancouver Fashion Week 2020SS

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